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Creating Your Wedding Ceremony

The information on this page can be found on other wedding sites, but much of the information listed here has come from my own personal ceremonies. Most is common knowledge shared throughout the wedding community.

Wedding ceremonies should be created to assist you in celebrating your beliefs and traditions. The ceremony and vows we agree on will be said at your ceremony.

If you don't want to repeat your vows we will choose a style were you simply answer "I Will" or "I Do". You may wish to repeat your vows together, or say them separately. It is your decision.

There are many options that may be added to your ceremony, such as songs, poems, music, sand ceremonies, unity candles, prayer, reading, and the inclusion of children.

Using the tips listed below may help start the process of creating your ceremony. Most ceremonies follow the same steps: introduction, giving away of the bride, intent to marry, vows, ring exchange and presentation. I will offer you several pre-written ceremonies to choose from to get you started. Perhaps you will find one that fits you without changes, or maybe you'll enjoy bits and pieces of a couple ceremonies. We will create your ceremony based on your desires.

Choose an introduction, a set of vows, and a ring exchange. There are many options for each part available on the internet, and I have an extensive list you can review. The wording can be used as you found it, or you can change it to reflect your own sentiments. Many couples include personal vows they have written to each other in addition to or in place of the provided vows.

You still choose an introduction and ring exchange, but instead of traditional vows, you write your own. Custom vows allow you to say what you want at your ceremony. They may be in the form of a poem that has meaning, as a memory to cherish, or as a vision of your lives together. Please review these questions, ponder the answers and you are on a good path to start to writing your own vows.

There are many touching additional ceremonies that add depth and warmth to your wedding ceremony. A dove release is a beautiful site your friends and family will remember forever. A heart-felt rose ceremony with your parents will make them feel they are still a part of your lives. Your children will feel loved and wanted when you include a special ceremony just for them. I have listed only a few very common ceremonies below, you should research the internet, or ask your Officiant for other examples.
  • Unity Candle
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Children
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Handfasting

An explanation of a few of the various optional ceremonies.

All people should be free to follow the beliefs of their own heart, free to benefit from those beliefs
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