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Ceremonies and Fees

A meaningful wedding does not just occur by itself. It takes much planning, coordination, writing and re-writing. I am proud to provide an excellent Officiant service and, therefore may charge you a little more than a Justice of the Peace.

There is a great difference between the "price" of your ceremony and the "cost". If your ceremony should get messed up, the "cost" to you will be much higher than whatever "price" you paid your officiant. That said it will cost you much less to hire a first-class professional, someone accountable, to prepare and manage your ceremony in the proper manner. The price difference between an inexpensive officiant and one who is experienced and professional is the cost of a couple of lunches or lattes. As with most things in life, if something is good, you cannot get it cheap, and if something is cheap, it is most likely not very good. I take pride in my work, and the privilege that you are granting me is taken very seriously. By allowing me to serve you on this incredibly important day, I hope to earn both your trust and your respect.  *(adapted from several websites)

I perform weddings in many locations throughout South Eastern Washington and Oregon. Mileage is included in the fee; however, I reserve the right to charge a mileage fee if excessive travel is required. I require a $50.00 deposit to book and hold your ceremony, which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. However, your deposit may be used to reschedule to a different date (if I am available).

This is a short ceremony with general vows and no additions. We will go over the basics of your ceremony during a short phone interview. We will meet at the wedding location.

  • 5 to 10 minute ceremony
  • several previously written ceremonies to choose from
  • includes an exchange of wedding vows and rings
  • to witnesses only - Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man
  • no rehearsal

My Short and Simple service prices are ~ $125.00 Tri-Cities; $200.00 Walla Walla (includes r/t mileage); $160.00 Umatilla or Hermiston, OR (includes r/t mileage)

If you want an intimate ceremony with your choice of standard or custom vows, this is the package for you. We start with your choice of ceremony style including standard or traditional vows. We then customize your vows. We will meet for a short get acquainted meeting to discuss your ceremony vision, all additional details will be handled through email exchange and telephone conversations.

  • 10-20 minute ceremony
  • standard Religious or Civil ceremony
  • samples of ceremonies to start, including vows
  • discussion of your ideas about your vows and start writing them together
  • initial meet and greet, telephone interview, email exchanges
  • Maid/Matron of Honor, 1-2 bridesmaids; Best Man, 1-2 groomsmen
  • Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony or other small meaningful addition
  • Officiant conducted rehearsal

Service Fees for a Cherished Ceremony are ~ $175.00 Tri-Cities; $325.00 Walla Walla (includes r/t mileage); $240.00 Umatilla or Hermiston, OR (includes r/t mileage)

Most couples want a very special, custom wedding ceremony. The length of your ceremony will depend on your wishes. If it is your desire to have ceremony that is truly a reflection of your dreams, I am prepared to create a ceremony together with you. In order to do that,

  • we meet personally for one to two hours at a convenient location to get acquainted
  • we review a multi-page checklist that covers just about everything you can think of
  • you get a questionnaire to fill out that I use as the basis to create your ceremony
  • assistance in the writing of your vows
  • large bridal party
  • Unity ceremony, such as Sand, Candle, Rose
  • written customized wedding ceremony with all your special choices
  • your draft will detail all the steps involved from seating your guests to the final announcement to your friends and family.
  • Officiant guided rehearsal the day before

About 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding you will receive the ceremony written for you, through the mail or by email, so you can review and amend it if desired. As a result, your wedding ceremony will be the meaningful expression of your love that you want.

The price for a Custom Ceremony starts at $250 Tri-Cities; $325 Walla Walla (includes r/t mileage) **; $300 Umatilla or Hermison, OR (includes r/t mileage) **.

There are many optional elements that you may choose to include. Please take some time to look them over, you might be surprised.

** An additional mileage fee may apply for some areas. Overnight accommodations to be provided by couple when required.(Please note: all prices are subject to change without notice.)

Not sure what type of ceremony you want? I've listed a few types of ceremonies for you to review. You may also want to review the basics of how a ceremony is structured so you may make an informed decision on which service would best fit your ideal ceremony. Here are some thoughts to ponder regarding officiant fees.

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