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Cutting Cake

Descriptions & Definitions

These definitions are used throughout the Wedding Industry. They have been edited and or combined from many websites, dictionaries, and wikipedias on the internet, they are intended as a guide only; your interpretation my differ slightly.

No religion or prayer in the ceremony.

A combination of the religious traditions from the faiths of both parties.

A combination of cultures and heritage which may range from civil to very religious.

A non-denominational ceremony is not based on any particular denomination or faith; it too may range from civil to very religious.

A denominational ceremony based on formal religious elements and/or traditions.

Spiritual is a feeling of joy in the elements, rituals or traditions of ones faith. A spiritual ceremony can range from civil, with no prayer or scripture, to very religious with readings from the books of the religion.

All people should be free to follow the beliefs of their own heart, free to benefit from those beliefs
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