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Pricing Basics and Booking Information

You may see this information listed on other Officiants websites, most officiants adhere to the same rules in order to organize their weddings and maintain their sanity during the busy wedding season. Please be aware all Officiants must abide by the State Licensing laws and mandatory waiting periods.

There are mandatory 3 day waiting periods in the States of Washington and Oregon so you must purchase your license at least 3 days prior to your ceremony. I can fill out wedding licenses purchased in all counties throughout Washington or Oregon, but you must be married in the state where you purchase your license. I've listed information on where to get your license in several of the neighboring counties for you.

As with any type of scheduling, ceremonies are booked on a first-come, first-served basis; and the most premium dates book first. All ceremonies booked are tentative until a deposit is received. If you are serious about the date you book, it is wise to send your deposit immediately.

Once your deposit is received, that date and time is yours! If two persons contact me wanting the same date, I will book the date based on when the deposit is received. If we have previously spoken about a certain date, you will be contacted to confirm your commitment and you will be given an opportunity to make your deposit over the phone to reserve the date. To make it easy for you to send your deposit I have included a link from my booking page so you can pay thru PayPal.

You can book your wedding date with a $50.00 deposit. Once booked we will discuss what you have in mind for your ceremony. After discussing the basics of your ceremony we will come to an agreement on your fee.

Fees are charged based on several different factors; the size of the wedding party, the complexity of the vows, add on ceremonies such as unity candle or sand. Each ceremony is priced based on its specifics. I do have starting fees, but they are just a guideline, your ceremony may be higher.

Please be aware, there are no refunds on deposits or ceremony fees. Your deposit may be transferred to another date if it becomes necessary to reschedule.

My fee includes a meeting, up to 90 minutes long, prior to your ceremony so we may learn about each other and go over your ceremony wishes. I would like both bride and groom attend when possible. It is not mandatory we meet. If you are having a short simple wedding and feel comfortable meeting just prior to the ceremony it will still be a pleasure to officiate your ceremony.

The final payment is preferred at the rehearsal, but must be paid prior to your ceremony. Cash or money order is ideal, but a personal check will be accepted, however, all wedding documents will be held until the check clears my bank. This includes filing your license with the Auditor's office.

Rehearsals are included with all ceremonies where a bridal party or family members are involved. Although the object of the rehearsal is to plan where everyone will stand, who will enter when and from where, I feel my presence is important so we are all in agreement and can discuss any last minute changes. Once we have finished the rehearsal, no changes to the ceremony will be accepted.

There will be a late fee of $60 charged for each delay of 15 minutes or more. I try to be at your event at least 30 minutes prior to the wedding to fill out paperwork and go over last minute details. I will contact you if I happen to be delayed for any reason. If the delay is my responsibility there will be no late fee. I promise I will be there as soon as possible!

Please allow time for everyone to be ready about 15 minutes before the start of your ceremony.

I will be happy to help you fill out the license prior to your ceremony so you may enjoy your wedding day without this added stress. It is best if we go directly from the ceremony to a designated spot so you and your witnesses can sign your license. I do not wish to pull you away from a receiving line or photographer to complete paperwork.

You were given an Auditor's copy of your license as a keepsake copy only, it is not valid for legal purposes. I will return the original to the Auditor's office where you purchased your license. I make a copy of each completed license to have on file. You must visit the Auditor's office for a certified copy. The certified copy will allow you to make any legal changes to necessary paperwork such as your Social Security Numbers and bank accounts. Please allow 10 days to two weeks for the certified copy to be processed.

If you need a certified copy of your license immediately, you may hand carry your paperwork to the office where you purchased your license. Some offices allow you to prepay for a certified copy, which they will automatically mail to you.


If you have any other questions, please contact Debora Garner Andrews.

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