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Let's Meet

Let me introduce myself. My name is Debora Garner Andrews and I made the decision to become a Wedding Officiant to help friends and family members who were having a difficult time finding the right person to perform their wedding.

I honor and respect all beliefs and traditions; non-religious, religious, spiritual or secular. All inquiries are welcome regardless of lifestyle, race, religion, or status in life. I treat everyone with the same respect and will not judge you or your partner. I would love to officiate your ceremony!

I am an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church Headquarters in Modesto, CA. I prefer the title Wedding Officiant.

If you are interested, please follow this link to review information on the types of ceremonies available and the applicable fees.

Thank you, Debora.

Officiant License     Minister License

Here is a little more in-depth information regarding what happens when we actually meet for the first time. Hope to see you soon!

All people should be free to follow the beliefs of their own heart, free to benefit from those beliefs
and free to share those beliefs without prejudice. ~ Debora Garner Andrews

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